Advanced V-RAY course with Certification

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About Course

V-Ray is a rendering engine that uses global illumination algorithms, including path tracing, photon mapping, and irradiance maps and directly computed global illumination. The desktop 3D applications that are supported by V-Ray are: Autodesk 3ds Max.

V-Ray differs from other rendering solutions in that it includes both CPU and GPU+CPU hybrid rendering options. V-Ray renders using adaptive ray tracing technology and proprietary scene intelligence to create imagery that is indistinguishable from a photograph. It accurately calculates the distribution of light as well as the physical properties of any material.

It is one of the most comprehensive V-Ray course available, in which you will learn step by step from Basic to Advanced with 100% Practical.

Course Syllabus

Module 1

✔️V-RAY Material Creation
✔️Reflection and Refraction
✔️V-RAY Blended Material
✔️Real World Material
✔️Image Sampling
✔️Irradiance Map

Module 2

✔️Light Cache
✔️Color Mapping
✔️Environment Lighting
✔️V-RAY IES Light
✔️Production and Rendering Process
✔️In-Depth Global Illumination

Module 3

✔️V-RAY Materials
✔️V-RAY Render Elements
✔️Advanced Rendering Techniques
✔️V-RAY Proxies, Scenes & Clipper
✔️Animation Techniques
✔️Rendering Pipeline